Enjoy a 7 for 6

7 nights in a beautiful room with balcony and fantastic view of the four-thousander for the price


Magig Pass valid in Saas-Fee

The 2023/24 winter season, the Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell ski resorts will again be included


Arrival by train

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Train travellers arrive in Brig and/or Visp and transfer onto the direct bus for Saas-Fee. Buses run every half hour until 20.45 from Brig, resp. 21.10 from Visp.

Here you will find the train and bus schedules from all over Europe to the Pearl of the Alps, Saas-Fee

Since the opening of the NEAT-basis tunnel in the autumn of 2007 you can reach us more than one hour faster than before

Drop off your luggage at your local train station and pick it up again at the bus station in Saas-Fee.

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