Enjoy a 7 for 6

7 nights in a beautiful room with balcony and fantastic view of the four-thousander for the price


Magig Pass valid in Saas-Fee

The 2023/24 winter season, the Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell ski resorts will again be included


Getting There

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Saas-Fee is car free! However, how does one get to Saas-Fee? Excuse the expression: ... in a special way!

Your journey leads you by train via Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern to Visp. From there you travel in a modern bus to car free Saas-Fee.

By car you travel from Geneva along Lake Geneva and the Rhone, from Milano over the Simplon Pass, from Germany via Basel or Schaffhausen, Bern, and from Kandersteg on the car transport train to Visp, then to the entrance of Saas-Fee where you can park your car in the parking house. Saas-Fee, the "Pearl of the Alps" starts where the cars stop.

In Saas-Fee our electro-taxi will be waiting for you to take you comfortably to our hotel.

Choose your preferred means of transport below to get more information.


Arrival Factsletter is coming soon

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