Enjoy a 7 for 6

7 nights in a beautiful room with balcony and fantastic view of the four-thousander for the price


Magig Pass valid in Saas-Fee

The 2023/24 winter season, the Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell ski resorts will again be included


Nostalgic Culinary Mile

Arcade_Apartments_Saas_Fee_Genussmeile_02.jpg Arcade_Apartments_Saas_Fee_Genussmeile_02.jpg


The 10th nostalgic Culinary Mile will take place in Saas-Fee on 6 September 2015. The event, which has now become a tradition in the village, is eagerly anticipated by people of all ages and is an ideal opportunity for visitors to experience the culture and traditions of the Valais, as well as indulging in a wide range of culinary specialities.


So come along in your granny's skirt or great-grandpa's old trousers and revel in the culinary traditions of the past. The owners of our hotels and restaurants will serve a total of 30 menus featuring delicious time-honoured dishes and a variety of fine local wines.



Arcade Saas Fee Arcade Saas Fee

Arcade Saas Fee

Arcade_Apartments_Saas_Fee_Genussmeile_04.jpg Arcade_Apartments_Saas_Fee_Genussmeile_04.jpg


Arcade_Apartments_Saas_Fee_Genussmeile_03.jpg Arcade_Apartments_Saas_Fee_Genussmeile_03.jpg


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